New England Symposium

Our goal for the symposium was for participants to leave with a stronger understanding that there’s a lot we can realistically accomplish – and that we’ve got a far better chance of doing it if we work together across silos and borders. … Based on what we saw and heard, mission accomplished!
– Daniel Stein, SOCI President and NIC Co-PI

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The Cultural Challenge to Interoperability
Even as there becomes greater acceptance of the need for interoperability across domains and disciplines in order to address serious social problems such as the opioid epidemic, cultural challenges remain as major obstacles to the practical implementation of this concept.

In Their Words!

"The only way to really track all these problems across sectors is to have a way to share information across these sectors, and that’s where NIC comes in."
- David Fukuzawa, Managing Director, HHS, Kresge Foundation

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