Utilizing Technology to Improve the Courts

NIC Webinar Series

Utilizing Technology to Improve the Courts

Our most recent webinar drew over 140 participants to discuss the launch of SOC Institute's new Civil Justice Technology Project...

National Action Agenda Symposium

Promoting Progress Across Sectors

The NAA Symposium was held on January 25-26, 2021. See the session recordings, learn about our action recommendations … and much more.

The InterOptimability Curriculum and Certification Curriculum is Live!

Initiatives & Resources

The InterOptimability Curriculum and Certification Curriculum is Live!

Join the first learning cohort with NASW starting April 14!

Building a Community of Networks

NIC connects innovative leaders and organizations across sectors to enhance learning, efficiency and outcomes

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NIC brings together human and social services, public health, public education, public safety, emergency medical services, health IT, and other sectors that impact health and well-being.

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Our membership options enable organizations and individuals to share their knowledge and gain the benefits of NIC’s community of networks.

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With NIC Hub you will expand your network, showcase your knowledge, learn from others successes and failures, and further your work. 1,000+ members joined and 3,000+ resources were shared!

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NIC’s clearinghouse offers guidance documents, research, news, videos, and other information-sharing and interoperability-related materials.

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This is a one-stop destination to learn about symposia, webinars, and projects sponsored by NIC and its partners.

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ITCC Online Training

A first-of-its-kind education program designed to address the pervasive lack of information-sharing that continues to impede progress toward integrated, person-centered care.

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