How Can NIC Help Me?

Participants become part of a vibrant, engaged community involved with information-sharing and interoperability from across an unprecedented array of domains through NIC’s website and online portal. They are connected to projects and leaders of innovative efforts nationwide, while receiving access to a broad array of cutting-edge information, training, tools, and best practices – from across sectors – to enhance their efficiency, save money, improve outcomes, and advance their own interoperability goals. One goal NIC specifically aims to further, for itself and its participants, is fueling progress on efforts related to achieving racial equity and economic mobility. NIC participants also gain insights on that objective and many others from our on-the-ground initiatives, as well as from our activities as a catalyst for organizational collaboration and information-sharing of health and social care data within and across domains.

Ongoing Benefits

Better real-time information about emerging and best practices, projects that worked well and have lessons to teach.

Involvement in a professional community where relationships are developed that enhance your short- and long-term work.

Ongoing learning – and teaching – to improve efficiency and effectiveness while saving time and money.

Because NIC is still a young initiative, participants also help to shape and grow its structure and operations so it evolves in ways that optimally serve their long-term interests and, most importantly, those of their own patients, clients and other stake-holders.

Depending on their level of involvement – as Sponsors, Partners, or Members – participants in NIC also receive specific benefits. Those include (but are not limited to): access to information, publications, and resources through NIC’s collaboration portal; technical assistance to shape or enhance interoperability-related projects; and engagement in NIC events, such as webinars and invitation-only symposia. Ultimately, the value of involvement is the opportunity to be on the frontlines of accelerating progress in the field and in your own work.

Learn more about how you can join NIC and how being involved can help you and your organization.