NIC Collaboration Hub

Welcome to the National Interoperability Collaborative’s
Communication and Collaboration Portal

This is where you, the members of our online national community, bring NIC’s focus on cross-sector learning and activity to life. By providing a secure, interactive platform, our aim is to accelerate progress in interoperability and information-sharing across six domains that contribute to everyone’s health and wellness: human services, education, public health, public safety, health information technology, and emergency services. The portal is designed for you to:

Discuss your ideas and projects with other professionals in your own field and related ones
Form mutually beneficial relationships that expand your knowledge and further your work.
Identify others who are working on projects on which you might collaborate or can learn from.
Share relevant resources, information, news, best practices, what’s worked and what hasn’t.
Shape concrete action steps and initiatives with other members within and across domains.

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The NIC Communication and Collaboration Portal provides a unique opportunity for starting (or joining a conversation), discussing a project, or sharing information across domains. Let’s go!