NIC Participants

Participants are integral parts of the NIC community. They are connected to projects and leaders of innovative interoperability efforts nationwide. They also receive access to a broad array of cutting-edge information, training, tools, and best practices – from across sectors – to enhance their efficiency, save money, improve outcomes, and advance their own interoperability goals.

In turn, participants share their own experiences in advancing interoperability (both their success stories and challenges) through online and in-person discussions.

They also provide: Expertise to inform NIC efforts such as the environmental scan, trainings, and case studies; vital content for the online community portal to expedite learnings across sectors; and guidance to steer NIC in directions that serve its stakeholders. Ultimately, the value of involvement is being on the front lines of accelerating progress to get further faster.

NIC offers two levels of participation - Partners and Members - that are open to both organizations and individuals.


Partners are state agencies, local jurisdictions, associations, organizations, and other entities engaged in planning and implementing funded interoperability projects.


Individuals and organizations involved in the early stages of cross-system information-sharing and interoperability are welcome to participate in NIC as Members.

Individual Members

When you join NIC, a directory of individual members will be made available to you.

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