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Our Resource Center is intended as a virtual library where professionals can go for a broad range of information relating to interoperability, information-sharing, and the six domains in which NIC primarily works: human and social services, public health, public education, public safety, emergency medical services and health information technology. We have vetted and aggregated numerous studies, guidance documents and other materials, which can be sorted in a variety of ways for easy access and use, and will add resources continually over time. The Resource Center is available to all professionals interested in the subject matter, irrespective of whether they are NIC participants.

To make the Center as robust and beneficial as possible, we welcome recommendations of relevant content that users encounter elsewhere, that they have produced themselves, or that they are already utilizing. Please fill out and submit the form below to provide your suggestions and comments, or send an email to

03-19-2018 Featured Project

All for One and One for All: Developing Coordinated State Opioid Strategies

This issue brief, authored by health policy journalist Noam Levey, combines insights from the meeting on key ways to improve coordination with interviews of more than two dozen current and former state officials in public health, Medicaid, law enforcement, corrections, and behavioral health, as well as policy experts who work with state government.

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04-18-2018 Presentation

NIC California Symposium 2018 – Day 1 – Building NIC – March 26

Building NIC in California and Beyond: Leading Edge Initiatives and Promising Practices
Moderator: Michael Wilkening, Undersecretary, California Health and Human Services Agency
Carrie Hoff, Deputy Director, San Diego Department of Health and Human Services – Live Well San Diego
Mary Shamouel, Chief Information Officer, Social Services Agency, County of Santa Clara
Debra Porchia-Usher, Chief Deputy Director, Social Services Agency, County of Santa Clara
– Integrated master data management and business intelligence initiative
Uma Ahluwalia, Director, Montgomery County, MD, Department of HHS Services
– Enterprise Integrated Case Management System
Lisa Villarreal, CEO, Youth Ventures Joint Powers Authority
– My Brother’s Keeper and the Equity Intelligence Platform

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04-18-2018 Presentation

NIC California Symposium 2018 – Day 1 – Damn the Silos – March 26

Damn the Silos: Using All Available Resources to Prevent and Combat the Opioid Crisis and Other Health Emergencies
Moderator: Bill Hazel, MD, Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives and Policy, George Mason University, Former Secretary, Virginia Department of Human Resources
Karen Smith, MD, MPH, Director, California Department of Public Health, CHHSA
Judge Anthony Capizzi, Montgomery County, OH, Juvenile Court; President, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Major Juan Colon (retired), NJ State Police; NJ Fusion Center Drug Monitoring Initiative; Senior Consultant, Stewards of Change Institute
Responder: Stuart Venzke, State and Local Health and Human Services Leader, IBM

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