What is NIC Doing?

Our Current Activities

The following are summaries of specific, on-the-ground activities in which NIC is currently engaged; click on the title of each for more information.

Bridgeport Prospers: Cradle to Career

Bridgeport Prospers: Cradle to Career is an ambitious, multi-domain initiative that is bringing together education, hospitals, schools, public safety, early childhood and other relevant Department of Social Services programs to improve

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HIMSS: Community-Based Solutions

NIC is working with Healthcare Information Management and System Society (which is an inaugural partner of NIC) to support a new initiative called “Building Community-Based Solutions to Connect the Continuum of Care during Health Crises and Emergency Events.”

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NIC Regional Symposium: California 2018

One of our ongoing activities is to hold educational events, such as webinars and symposia, relating to interoperability and information-sharing across the six domains in which NIC primarily works.

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Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust

One of the most creative and potentially important interoperability initiatives in the U.S. is being conducted in California by SVRDT, a founding Partner of the National Interoperability Collaborative.

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Case Studies and Reports

NIC is developing two case studies that we plan to publish and disseminate in the coming year. Both are designed to provide valuable information about and actionable insights into how interoperability

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NIC is expanding, strengthening, coordinating, and leveraging existing public and private networks of individuals, agencies, and organizations to promote and optimize information-sharing, interoperability, and collaboration among health, human and social services, and other relevant domains at the national, state, and local levels. Its activities include governance, promotion of standards, and:

  • Enabling a community of practice through a collaborative web platform; sponsoring and partnering on webinars; organizing and participating in conferences; and additional activities.
  • Convening stakeholders regularly to share information, generate new ideas to further this work, shape specific projects, and provide feedback.
  • Operating a learning portal/hub to link networks and aggregate/disseminate knowledge, including by serving as a clearinghouse of materials, guidance, MOUs, white papers, and other documents relating to interoperability strategies and information-sharing practices.
  • Providing case studies, education, and technical assistance at all levels (community, state, federal), including to better-address health crises such as the opioid epidemic and through SOCI’s InterOptimability Training Curriculum and Certification (ITCC) program for individuals, agencies, and organizations.
  • Serving as a multi-sector, multi-disciplinary voice for NIC’s diverse public and private membership, including by educating the public, stakeholders, and policy leaders.
  • Identifying, developing and disseminating knowledge and core measures relating to standards, measures, progressive policies, promising and effective programs, and best practices (including through an environmental scan), all with the aim of enhancing outcomes and improving lives through improved interoperability, information-sharing, and collaboration.