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Webinar: Utilizing Technology to Improve the Courts

Utilizing Technology to Improve the Courts

SOCI hosted a webinar in August, 2020 to launch a new Civil Justice Technology initiative designed to make the nation’s civil justice system more accessible, affordable and efficient.

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NATIONAL ACTION AGENDA SYMPOSIUM: Promoting Progress Across Sectors

About 200 people attended our National Action Agenda Symposium on January 25-26. Its focus included six action recommendations devised by subject matter experts nationwide during 2020.

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Interoperability Insights: Demonstrating the Need and the Benefits of Connecting Health and Human Services

The Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI)'s intent, with this paper and with Project Unify, is to provide practical guidance, tools, and models that can be leveraged, replicated, and improved over time to address the enormous and growing need for coordinated care across the nation. 

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The NIC Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook

This unique publication shines a spotlight on the critical role that prevention should play in addressing our nation’s opioid epidemic, including strategies – or “plays” – that communities can replicate or adapt for real-time use.

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Partnerships, Programs, and Platforms: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Multi-Sector Data Sharing

NIC’s new environmental scan, “Partnerships, Programs, and Platforms,” provides an overview of the technology behind emerging multi-sector initiatives to address the social determinants of health and well-being.

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Lessons Learned, Moving Forward:
Advancing Information-Sharing in California and Beyond

We’re proud to announce the first online publication of the National Interoperability Collaboration, “Lessons Learned, Moving Forward: Advancing Information-Sharing in California and Beyond.” This e-zine provides key insights, lessons and recommendations from the recent NIC symposium in Sacramento.

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