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NIC Reports and Case Studies

This new report reflects the results of a systemic scan of key documents and toolkits – as well as expert interviews – in order to provide guidance on interoperability and information-sharing. Later this year, NIC plans to publish a case study/playbook on the nation’s opioid crisis.

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Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust

One of the most creative and potentially important interoperability initiatives in the U.S. is being conducted in California by SVRDT, a founding Partner of the National Interoperability Collaborative.

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Bridgeport Prospers: Cradle to Career

Bridgeport Prospers: Cradle to Career is an ambitious, multi-domain initiative that is bringing together education, hospitals, schools, public safety, early childhood and other relevant Department of Social Services programs to improve

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HIMSS: Community-Based Solutions

NIC is working with Healthcare Information Management and System Society (which is an inaugural partner of NIC) to support a new initiative called “Building Community-Based Solutions to Connect the Continuum of Care during Health Crises and Emergency Events.”

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